Where Is Bear?

Update: Read a heartfelt letter of gratitude from Bear himself here.

Update: Pictures from the party can be seen here. Thanks Rob!

The Site

      Bear Capron, an esteemed drama and film teacher at Castilleja School for twenty years, disappeared from the Castilleja campus in late October. A substitute teacher is teaching his class. Someone else took over the direction of the fall play. His voicemail says that he is "currently on leave," but his office has been cleaned out.

      After twenty years of service to the Castilleja community, this beloved teacher has apparently been let go. There has been no official word as to why from the administration.

      Where is Bear?!

      This website is a gathering place for those of us who think that something has gone wrong. Poke around, read the pieces of the story that we've managed to put together, sign the petition. Help us get Mr. Capron back where he belongs: in the classroom at Castilleja.

Students protested! See pictures of bears and signs.

Alumnae called in! At least 200 calls were made. To be counted, click here.

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