Malaika Ramachandran's Letter to the Head of School

Dear Ms. Lonergan,

      I am writing to you regarding Mr. Capron's recent removal from the Castilleja campus.

      On November 8th, you wrote to us, saying " we will be able to share more with you within a week or so." More than two weeks later, we have yet to hear anything from the administration. I understand that you are in a difficult situation, but I ask that you keep us updated as much as you can, as promised.

      I have been fortunate to represent Castilleja on several occasions, from Peace Dot to the Student Diversity Leadership conference that I will be attending in Denver later this week. However, after Mr. Capron's unanticipated and unexplained disappearance, I am starting to doubt the Castilleja I thought I knew.

      Please reconsider your choice in removing one of the most beloved members of this community. One of the main things I have learnt from being a student leader here, is to listen to others when they voice their opinions. Please hear our cries.

      I respect you deeply and value everything you have done for the school. In that spirit, I hope you will hear me when I say that I feel strongly that there is something seriously amiss here.

Malaika Ramachandran

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