Marie-Jo Fremont's Letter to the Board of Trustees

Dear Castilleja Board of Trustees,

      Given that my first letter to the Board in mid-November was never acknowledged, I have decided to send you another letter regarding the dismissal of Bear Capron.

      Although personnel matters are complex and delicate to handle, it is not an excuse for the Castilleja Administration to have remained silent on this matter for the last 3 weeks thus damaging the reputation of a well-respected individual with 20 years of teaching at Castilleja.

      Community members (students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni) can only wonder about what Bear Capron could have done that would lead the Administration to take such a swift and extreme action.

      The only reasonable justification would be that Bear Capron was an immediate threat to the physical or mental well-being of students and had to be removed from the school premises. As Trustees, you no doubt understand that these are grave accusations to make. Given the outpouring support for Bear Capron from the Castilleja community, I hope that you will recognize that I and many students, parents, and alumnae believe that Bear Capron is incapable of threatening individuals.

      If indeed Bear Capron committed a professional mistake, let the truth come out. Otherwise, Bear Capron should be re-instated immediately.

      Leaders show character and courage by speaking the truth and facing their conscience. For an institution that claims Conscience, Courtesy, Character, Courage, and Charity as their core beliefs and values, I would expect nothing less.

Marie-Jo Fremont
(parent of Xanthia Tucker '09)

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