Rebecca Pless' Letter to the Board of Trustees

Dear Board of Trustees,

      Whether she has been in one of Mr. Capron's classes or not, every student has been personally affected by the presence of Mr. Capron in the Castilleja community. His generosity is widespread, and we now need to give some of that generosity back to him. Mr. Capron has the characteristics every good teacher should have. His endless patience, tolerance, creativity, and his unmatchable kindness are always apparent. He is a source of compassion for those who need it and wisdom for those in need of an opinion on an important matter, and he offers a welcoming ear to all that need to talk.

      After the tragic suicides at Gunn high school, the teacher who stepped in and addressed the grief in our school was Mr. Capron. That is the sort of teacher he is. He constantly thought about the well being of the community as a whole. To think that a member of our community so dedicated to his students is no longer able to be among us is saddening.

      The lack of communication between the Board of Trustees, the head of school, and the others involved in this decision is worrisome. On top of losing one of our beloved teachers I fear we are starting to lose the communication between the students and the school. Mr. Capron always bridged the gap separating the two. I know that if it was another teacher who had disappeared without word from the school as to why, Bear would have been a source of comfort to all. Mr. Capron was an amazing and inspirational teacher who helped many students find who they are and where they fit into the community -- he helped make each of us a better person. The need for the usage of the past tense in the previous sentence disheartens the whole community. We ask you to reconsider what is really right for the students and faculty of Castilleja.

Rebecca Pless
Class of 2013

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