From Sharon Gerbode

      Could this possibly be real? Mr. Capron is such a fundamental part of my definition of "Castilleja"—it seems unfathomable to me that the school could exist without him. As many other alums have expressed, Mr. Capron's leadership and guidance were crucial to my learning process and development during those delicate... highschool years. Even among the many superb teachers at Castilleja from 1991-1997 (names like Mrs. Barker, Ms. Pietrzyk, Mr. Smoot, Ms. Melmon, Mrs. McKee, Mr. Shaffer, and Ms. Lewis come to mind) Mr. Capron stands out in my memory. The impact of his lessons come to the forefront at the most unexpected moments. Who knew that it would be my drama teacher's guidance that would be the most useful to me as a physicist? Standing before a room of colleagues, the ability to engage my audience and communicate any new discoveries is essential, yet so few of us scientists can do those things. I truly believe that a lot of my success as a scientist is thanks to his training. The point is: all future Casti students would stand to benefit from his continued presence, not just those destined for theatre.

Sharon Gerbode
Class of 1997

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