Susan Barkan's Letter to the Board of Trustees

Dear Castilleja Board of Trustees,

      I taught English in grades 7-12 at Castilleja School from 1970 until my retirement in 1999. I worked as advisor to the the Yearbook and school newspaper (under my tenure the name The Laurel was replaced by the current Counterpoint as more indicative of its function as a forum for exchanging ideas) as well as several clubs. I loved teaching the girls and working with the most dedicated and inspiring faculty a school could hope to have. During this time I came to admire and respect the work of Bear Capron. Under his direction, I saw shy little girls become confident and competent actresses and grow in appreciation of the power of good theater. At no time was I given any reason to doubt his skill as a teacher or his personal integrity.

      Now I hear that he has vanished from the campus, and his teaching and directing duties assigned to someone else. No reason has been given, and this silence can do nothing but foster wild rumors and demoralize both students and faculty. Most troubling to me is the arbitrary nature of this dismissal and the fact that Bear has been given no opportunity to defend himself from whatever charges are being leveled against him. This is not the Castilleja that I knew and loved for almost half my life.

      I hope you and the Board will investigate this matter thoroughly since you are the only body with the authority to ensure that a gross injustice has not taken place.

Sincerely yours,
Susan A. Barkan

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